About Me

Hello! I am Marisa, Owner/Photographer of Marisa G Media. I was born in NYC [Washington Heights] .Yes I am a New Yorker, but now live in Connecticut. When I am not behind my camera, you'll find me advocating for victims of domestic violence as my day job or helping my husband with the Youth Ministry at Revelation Church.

 I am a very bubbly person . I enjoy going to the beach and listening to the waves. I love traveling to new countries and capturing moments. I have an obsession with candles, I am a foodie so I am always down for food! I love adventures, small or big ones. I am a retired college rugby player and I love watching football! GO STEELERS! But my favorite thing is spending time with my Husband. Without his support and constant encouragement, I wouldn't have started pursuing this business. 

My biggest goal when working with you is being able to capture every small moment, and intimate. . I am a sucker for romance between partners or just pure love between parents and families.. I cant wait to work with you!